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About Us

I founded Marketing 4 Moments LLC as a resource to empower businesses to lean into the concept of marketing with authenticity.

My 20+ years of hands-on marketing experience, and over 10 years of working for B2B SaaS tech companies in leadership roles, have given me a strong growth and value-focused mindset.


Whether we’re working with Series A or hyper-growth companies, we aim to create engaging, meaningful touch points that build into a momentous journey based on your authentic brand. We meet you where you are and transform how you build growth momentum with our value-based partnership.

Channa Bannis

Founder, Chief Marketing Strategist

Marketing 4 Moments LLC




Client Testimonial

Channa is spectacular!  Over the course of our engagement with Marketing 4 Moments, her stellar leadership skills, strategic vision and hyper-organized approach have consistently delivered actionable tactics aligned with data-driven strategy. Channa's ability to dive deep into the metrics with a focus on building high-level strategy is a rare gem, and we feel SO lucky to work with her. I always look forward to Channa's warm smile, and calm, efficient approach to every conversation. Our team adores her, and we can't recommend her highly enough! 

Whitney Kolterman

Head of Marketing and Operations

Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine


Marketing 4 Moments Mindset:

Own it and Aspire Beyond

Marketing is an interconnected experience that evolves with every engagement. What that looks like depends on where your company is on its marketing maturity journey.  Are you in the crawl, walk or run stage?

Crawl Stage: Establish Your Presence

In this foundational stage, awareness is critical. Focus on building brand recognition and establishing your unique identity. Thought leadership is your guiding light; share your story and differentiators with authenticity. A robust content strategy thoughtfully executed can make a significant impact without requiring a large budget. Bottom-funnel strategies are also vital for nurturing early customers and minimizing churn.

Walk Stage:
Create Consistency

As you increase your investment, consistency becomes paramount. Develop a comprehensive funnel strategy catering to the top, middle, and bottom stages. Expanding across multiple channels and personas demands consistent messaging, especially when reaching a global audience. Get serious about building the foundation for your demand generation infrastructure; reporting and attribution are key for greater visibility into Marketing’s impact on the pipeline and revenue.

Run Stage: Optimize Growth

Collaboration is the driving force in this stage. As your business experiences accelerated growth, silos become obstacles. Focus on breaking them down to foster collaboration within and across teams. Fewer silos also drive more visibility into spend and opportunities to eliminate redundancies. Analyze your tech stack for waste to reduce unnecessary spending and identify data gaps.  At this stage, marketing attribution becomes a compass to guide your investments, ensuring investments are optimized, and resources are focused on the right areas to accelerate growth. Pipeline acceleration strategies provide opportunities to reduce sales cycles.


Key tips to unlocking your marketing maturity growth

Own Your Marketing Moment

Every business has its journey. Optimize where you are and what your budget can accommodate.  Get creative about leveraging organic channels with a high-impact content strategy to maximize reach and results.

Make Data-informed Decisions

 Hope is not a strategy, and neither is a gut feeling. Actionable data should guide your choices throughout the lead-to-sales lifecycle. Before launching a campaign or initiative, make sure that you know what type of data you will need post-activity and ensure that you put the processes in place to get those answers.

Evolve Your Marketing Mix:

Marketing is not stagnant; it evolves, sometimes unexpectedly, so it is vital to plan.  Leveraging a mix of lead sources and/or channels keeps you ready for change and helps you maintain consistency in lead flow, especially during unexpected fluctuations.

Lean into Authenticity

Your marketing maturity journey is a path of growth and transformation. It's not about comparing with others but about honing your strategies to resonate with your unique audience and business goals. Lean into your authentic brand to build genuine connections and create a lasting impact that builds competitive resilience.

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