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Empowering Children through Self-Love, Learning and Aspiration

"I Love the me I See", the Debut Children’s Book by Channa Bannis.

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About The Book

“I Love the Me I See” weaves a story of empowerment through self-love, laughter, and learning.


Each page is a vibrant canvas seeded with encouragements of self-worth, community learning, and aspirational fortitude. Toddlers to elementary school-aged children are encouraged to build resilience and self-confidence beyond socially constructed perceptions and limitations.

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The Author: Channa Bannis

This book was born from an assignment in a Diversity Leadership class in 2022. However, the topic for "I Love the Me I See" stems from a deeply personal place — motherhood. As a mother, entrepreneur, and student on the final chapter of obtaining a Masters in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Leadership, I am acutely aware of how society's misrepresentation and skewed narratives could shape my son’s self-perception. This book became my response to the question, "How do I prepare my son to navigate a world that may not always recognize his true worth?"

What began as an assignment continues as an extension of my passion for helping to empower not only my son but all children who, like him, might face societal deconstruction. Every child deserves to be embodied with the joys of self-esteem, laughter, learning, community and boundless aspirations. Join me on this journey where, within the enriched pages of “I Love The Me I See” children are inspired to blossom in their authenticity and paint their own pictures of worth and aspirations.

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Book Donations to Schools Sponsorship

We invite your company to consider a special sponsorship aligned with the theme of "Empowering Children through Self-Love, Learning and Aspiration.” By participating in our Book Donations to Schools sponsorship, your company can make a significant impact on the lives of children while celebrating diversity through education.

PreSchool Package ($750)

50 copies

of “I Love the Me I See”

Elementary School Package ($1,500)

100 copies

of “I Love the Me I See”

Community Package ($4,500)

300 copies

of “I Love the Me I See”

Included with Every Package

  • Motivational Sticker Sheet with every book

  • Acknowledgment of every book donated

  • Virtual or in-person author read-alouds (where possible)

Contact us if you’d like to talk about a customized sponsorship package. Together, let's create a legacy of self-empowerment through education.

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